The best of both worlds – auction sites + online bidding.

Ritchie Bros. conducts regular live auctions at 40+ permanent auction sites around the globe, with both on-site and online bidding. We gather equipment from many different sellers, and then sell it all on auction day – attracting buyers from around the world. (We also conduct many auctions at temporary locations.)

Everything about our efficient and professional auctions, our services, and our first-class facilities is designed to make business easy for sellers and buyers, and attract the most bidders possible – which means better returns when you sell your equipment.

Tom Stevenson - Hub Equipment (Toronto, ON)


機器を愛するあまり、Tom Stevensonはカナダの金融界から退き、カナダのオンタリオ州で父親が経営する有名な機器レンタル会社に戻ってきました。 父親のようにリッチーブラザーズを信頼し、グローバル市場にもさらに簡単にアクセスしています。

Doug Heritage - Miller Farm Equipment (Moosomin, SK)


Miller Farm Equipmentは1924年から新品や中古品の農業機械をカナダの農家に販売しています。Doug HeritageとKevin Millerは、北米最大のCase IH ディーラーのひとつです。地元の市場でMiller Farmの中古機器の在庫がさばけなかったとき、DougとKevinはリッチーブラザーズ・オークショニアーズに依頼しました。

Auction sites designed to attract buyers.

  • All our permanent auction sites are located close to major highways, ports, and airports, for easy access and equipment transportation, as well as hotels and other services
  • Comfortable, modern auction facilities with catering, complimentary WiFi and other convenient services
  • Full-service, state-of-the-art refurbishing facilities
  • Secure yards for equipment storage and buyer inspections
  • Buyers can test, inspect and compare equipment from many different sellers in one convenient location

Live auctions bring in the buyers, on-site and online.

On auction day, mobile equipment is driven across a ramp in front of the crowd of bidders in the auction theater; buyers can sit inside in comfort and see each item while it is being sold. Stationary equipment is sold outside in the yard or using our Virtual Ramp screens to display the equipment inside.

Online bidders participate in real time, actively competing against the buyers on-site—and everyone knows that they only have once chance to buy, because every item sells to the highest bidder on auction day.

And every Ritchie Bros. unreserved auction is conducted by experienced, professional auctioneers working to get you the best returns possible.

Live unreserved public auctions get the best results for sellers.

  • Free, secure storage – Save money and space
  • Time-saving, hassle-free – We take care of all buyer inquiries and inspections
  • More competition – Most people still prefer to inspect and bid in person, especially on high value equipment
  • More end-users – People that work with equipment are more likely to bid in person, and pay more for an item they need
  • More confident on-site buyers – Interested buyers can inspect on-site, and see the equipment running while they bid
  • More confident online buyers – Online buyers know they are competing against people who have seen and inspected the equipment
  • On-site refurbishing – We can clean, paint and repair your equipment before the auction, which can help you get better returns


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