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New look and feel of Ritchie Bros. Asset Solutions login page

Ritchie Bros. Asset Solutions Updated with New Features.

The Ritchie Bros. Inventory Management System provides an integrated platform with a single, user-friendly dashboard view of all inventory that you can track from your desktop or mobile device. Because it’s a cloud-based platform, we are always updating it with added features that help the customers track, manage, valuate, inspect, appraise, sell and more.

Besides refreshing the login page with a new look and feel (see image above), we’ve added some new features to create more value for the customer:

Asset Duplication Feature Can Improve Disposition

For customer who sell new assets on a reoccurring basis, our duplication feature allows you to create a new listing without uploading data and info again. This facilitates the ability for customers to duplicate items and push out into sales channels with ease.

This is great for OEMs, manufacturers, and distributors, who want to sell right from their factory or warehouse without shipping it out. You can sell more and be in market more!

Tentative Inspection Dates Added to IMS

Sellers using the Ritchie Bros. Asset Solutions IMS can now enjoy a tentative inspection date within 24 to 48 hours after consignment. We will auto-populate the consignment with a tentative inspection date, using our industry-best expert team, so the customer is armed with more knowledge as to when their consignment will be ready to go live on a sales channel like IronPlanet and Marketplace-E. It means less time for the customer spent arranging and organizing inspection dates and more time selling.

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