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Christian Jauand has been with Ritchie Bros. Financial Services for almost 7 years, working his way up from an Account Manager to Group Sales Manager. Christian, who’s originally from Argentina, has a wealth of international sales and marketing experience. From Account Manager to Group Sales Manager, Christian has always kept the customer at the core of our decisions and works tirelessly to ensure our sales culture feels like family.

We asked Christian what he thinks makes Ritchie Bros. Financial Services special and unique for our customers, why he loves working here and more.

What makes Ritchie Bros. Financial Services unique for our customers?

This is a question I am asked frequently. Ritchie Bros. Financial Services provides financial services throughout a diverse range of products, but I always tell people “We’re in the business of helping customers build their dreams”.

We strive to be “a trusted advisor”. Some may think that financing is a transactional business, but that’s not how I see it. We treat customers like extended family. We want to get to know them.

Truck and heavy equipment financing from the equipment experts

“We’re in the business of helping customers build their dreams.”

Unlike other financial institutions, Ritchie Bros. Financial Services provides its customers with peace-of-mind, confidence and support throughout the process, with a team of experts who understand equipment and financing.

At our auctions, there are often many similar pieces of equipment that vary in year, make and model. Some or all of these pieces may meet the needs of our customers. Our PurchaseFlexTM financing pre-approvals will allow our customers to make decisions on the equipment as they bid during an auction, instead of having to lock in a specific make, year and model beforehand. If they missed out on any of the items, customers can easily use their financing pre-approval outside of Ritchie Bros. auctions, such as with dealers or private sellers

What changes have you seen in the industry and at Ritchie Bros. Financial Services in the last year?

All Ritchie Bros. auctions are now online which has changed the dynamics. Ritchie Bros. used to have mixed auction events meaning customers could bid onsite and online. Recent international developments have caused delays in new equipment supply which consequently has impacted the pricing and supply of used equipment.

On the credit market front, we’ve experienced a shift in how lenders look at credit profiles, market sectors and industries when assessing risk. But not all is doom and gloom.

Ritchie Bros. Financial Services has increased its focus on understanding those changes, invested in people and systems, and enhanced our offering through new programs and services to better serve our customers. We offer different types of credit which work in favor of the current market, including options to safely buy equipment in the private sector or programs for customers looking for cashflow or debt consolidation.

Truck and heavy equipment financing from the equipment experts

Just a few of the Ritchie Bros. Financial Services team.

Tell us about a time you saw an Account Manager go the extra mile for one of our customers?

It’s hard to pick just one example, as going the extra mile is pretty much how we do things here. I do have a very recent story, in which one of our customers was struggling to get their equipment insured. The Account Manager handling the account called the insurance broker and helped this customer close on the policy.

Why do I recall this one? This customer was starting a new business. Trying to navigate the commercial insurance world to ensure the equipment is properly insured can feel overwhelming. If not done correctly, it can have impactful consequences and end up being costly. Our Account Manager went above and beyond to help this customer navigate this situation confidently. Like this one, there are many other stories that occur on a daily basis.

Why do you love working at Ritchie Bros. Financial Services?

Our people, and the ever evolving and impactful culture. A business model that allows us to support our customers, regardless of size or years in business. We put people first and help build businesses. Our True North Star is summed up with the hashtag #WeDoItTogether which encompasses our employees, our customers and business partners.

Every day we live by this motto. We are entrepreneurial in spirit, there is never a dull moment, and we have lots of fun. And yes, we also work very hard. It’s fantastic to have the opportunity to work for a company like Ritchie Bros. Financial Services.

What’s the first and last thing you do in your working day?

Everyone that knows me will say that I grab a cup of coffee. I love coffee and normally enjoy my first one while I get ready, read the news and review my notes for my first meeting, which is always with my team. It’s important to me to connect with my team first, make sure everyone is doing well, discuss any needs and set direction for the day. I like to close my day the same way I start it. Connecting with someone from my team.

What should customers ask themselves when they are considering their financial options for equipment financing?

How soon can I get my equipment to work? At the end of the day, that piece of equipment should be generating revenue for our customers as soon as possible. When looking at financing options, there are many variables that will depend on the current credit market, a customer’s credit and the asset they are looking to finance, etc. Understanding your options, having a flexible financial approval and getting the equipment to generate revenue as quickly as possible are key.

If you could tell our customers one thing, what would be it?

Ritchie Bros. offers the best of both worlds when it comes to trading and financing equipment. If you are looking for a team of specialists that will understand your business needs, and provide you with an ample and flexible offer, Ritchie Bros. is your one-stop-shop.

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